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University of Toronto


Study Abroad at University of Toronto


Facts and Highlights about University of Toronto

>> A world-wide prestigious public research university
US News & World Report (2020) ranked University of Toronto 18th among the universities globally
>> One of the only two non-U.S. members of the Association of American Universities





Source of image: University of Toronto


Founded in 1827, University of Toronto is a top-level university in Canada and a world-wide prestigious public research university. It is located in Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the 4th largest city in North America. Toronto has been named as the most diverse and liveable city in the world for its comfortable environment and the high life quality.
The University of Toronto is a global leader in research and teaching that provides diverse and extensive areas of study organized around intimate learning communities. All students within the Faculty of Arts & Science on the downtown Toronto campus are affiliated with one of seven colleges. These colleges have deep roots in the history of the University of Toronto; the college system dates back to the earliest days of the university and remains one of its distinctive features. The colleges are a home base for their students and provide the advantages of a closer-knit community experience within a large research university.
Features of English Language Program at University of Toronto
>> The English Language Program (ELP) has over 50 years of experience teaching English
>> It has developed and refined a unique and balanced teaching approach called “the English Language Program Advantage” 
>> It offers an unparalleled environment for language-learning in the world’s most diverse and livable city


Source of image: University of Toronto

Program Dates and Courses

Students can choose two types of courses: English Plus and Academic English. All students will be mixed with the current students on ELP and administered by the University of Toronto.

English Plus, Summer 2019

July 6, 2020 - July 31, 2020 (4-week)
August 4, 2020 - August 28, 2020 (4-week)

Focused on improving your general English for everyday communication, this course will help you feel more confident in using English to communicate with friends, at work and as you explore Toronto. A weekly “Conversation Café” will help you develop your informal speaking skills in a fun environment.

• Hours/week: 20
• Speak English with greater fluency, accuracy and confidence
• Describe events, express opinions, take part in discussions and give instructions more clearly
• Start conversations and keep them going
• Understand more when you listen to songs or watch films and television
• Get to know Canadian and North American culture better

Academic English, Semester 2019

August 31, 2020 - December 18, 2020

Students will first attend a four-week “English Plus” as the preparation course and then attend the “Academic English” course. It prepares for undergraduate or graduate studies by developing the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills needed for rigorous academic studies. This pathway course will help you meet the English language facility requirement of your chosen university or college.
• Hours/week: 20
• Strengthen your communication and presentation skills using digital, language-learning technologies
• Acquire academic strategies and improve your skills in reading and listening
• Write more clearly about complex subjects
• Expand your academic vocabulary
• Develop effective test-taking strategies
• Get to know North American academic culture
• Apply newly-acquired skills by doing realistic, task-based projects
• Benefit from individual meetings with your instructor
• Obtain a certificate upon successful completion of the course

“Grade B” or above in the highest level of Academic English (Level 60) satisfies the language facility requirement for admission to undergraduate and most graduate programs at the University of Toronto. A number of other institutions also accept the Academic English certification.



Source of image: University of Toronto

Entry Requirements
>> Full-time students who are officially registered at USIEA’s Chinese partner universities.
>> IELTS/TOEFL transcripts are not required, but students will be assessed of their English proficiency upon arrival to determine the levels of course that they will be placed into. 
>> Pass USIEA’s interview and University of Toronto’s academic review
A wide variety of housing options is available in Toronto including homestay, apartments, youth hostels, off-campus residences, hotels and, during the summer months, accommodation in on-campus university residences.  USIEA will help students with housing arrangements once they are admitted by University of Toronto ELP.
Luis Mario Rezende Junior – Brazil
Academic English
I decided to study at the University of Toronto because I already knew how good this university could be for my career, but, actually, this institution is better than I imagined.  I recommend the English Language Program because they have wonderful instructors and staff, and a lot of opportunities to practice English outside class, such as the volunteer program.
Georges Guessennd - France
English PLUS – a Law student in Lille, France
I love Canada and the University of Toronto has an excellent reputation.  I’m having a great experience and I’m happy to be here.  The student diversity is perfect and the staff members at the ELP are very welcoming.
Liseth Sierra Vitola – Colombia
English PLUS
I chose to study at the University of Toronto because it is one of the best universities in North America.  The English PLUS course is very well taught and different from other courses.  The in-class activities are fun and enjoyable.  All the social activities have contributed to improving my confidence and English abilities.  I have also enjoyed getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds.  Studying at the ELP has been a great experience.
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