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University of Victoria


Study Abroad at University of Victoria


Facts and Highlights about University of Victoria

>> Maclean’s Magazine ranked UVic 2nd in the category of top comprehensive universities in Canada (2018)
>> Leiden University Rankings Globally, Leiden’s 2016 rankings put UVic in 148th place for all sciences. It ranks 58th for research impact in math and computer science, and 67th in physical sciences and engineering.
>> The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), created by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ranked UVic within 301-400 in the broad field of science (2018)
>> The Times Higher Education placed UVic at 301-350 on its January 2019 list of the world's 200 most international universities.
>> World leader in oceans, climate and clean energy technology and home to a globally recognized business school


Source of image: University of Victoria

The University of Victoria was founded in 1963, but its origins can be traced back to 1903 and the establishment of Victoria College, which was affiliated with McGill University. It is one of Canada’s top-rated comprehensive universities situated in one of the safest and livable cities in the world, offering innovative programs for more than 20,000 students. Since 1970, the English Language Centre (ELC) of the university has been facilitating award-winning English language programming to students from over 30 countries.

Features of Study Abroad Program at University of Victoria

>> Its English Language Center is one of Canada’s most respected English language schools, and has over 45 years of experience offering ESL programs.
>> The programs include a wide range of social activities where students have plenty of opportunities to practise their English with local Canadians.
>> Integrated
>> Victoria, British Columbia has the warmest climate in Canada, and has been voted the “best small city in the Americas”, offering a beautiful setting and friendly environment for students to enjoy during their studies.



Source of image: University of Victoria

Program Dates and Courses

Students can choose two types of language courses: Monthly English and 12-week Intensive English (ELPI). All students will be mixed with other English language learners from various countries based on their class level with an average class size of 15 students (18 students maximum).

Summer 2019
4-week course: July 2nd – July 26th, 2019, July 29th – August 23rd

3-week course: August 6th – August 23rd, 2019

The program provides intensive English classes and sociocultural activities designed to help students practise their language skills. The curriculum is based on cross-cultural communication, with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills.

Level: Upper beginner – Advanced (5 levels)
Type of English Classes: General 
Class Schedule: Full time; 20 instructional hours per week
Monday – Thursday: Core classes (9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm)
Friday/Weekend: Free activities and optional weekend trips with the Cultural Assistants

Fall 2019
Dates: September 9 – December 4, 2018

Stage One:

Students will first attend “Monthly English” program as the preparation course.

Stage Two:

Students will then attend the “Intensive English” course (ELPI). The academic, social and cultural experience that students enjoy in “ELPI” make this one of UVic’s most popular programs—welcoming over 1,000 students each year. This program includes a range of class levels, allowing students to build on progress in previous sessions and also offers a pathway to University of Victoria degree programs.

Levels: High beginner – university admission preparation (6 levels)
Type of English Classes: General, Academic, University Preparation
Class Schedule: Full time; 30 instructional hours per week
- 18 hours per week of structured classes (Monday to Friday: 8:30 am-12:45 pm or 1:00 pm – 5:15 pm)
- 4 hours of “elective classes” such as Business English, IELTS preparation, Idioms, Music, etc.
- 8 optional hours in the Study Centre, Pronunciation Centre and Writing Centre
Free activities and optional weekend trips with the Cultural Assistants



Source of image: University of Victoria

Entry Requirements

>> Be 18 years old by the program start date
>> Have a basic knowledge of English


For July and August Monthly English: students will be placed in University of Victoria dorms.  For Fall programs: students will be placed in local homestay families which are administered by University of Victoria.
Nicole Huang (China)


“I had a wonderful experience at the ELC that I will never forget. Every lesson was extremely helpful for both university and general life in Canada. People here are friendly and understanding. Being in [the] ELC program is like being in a big family.”
What’s it like living in Victoria?
Before I came to Victoria, I heard that Victoria is the city of gardens. After I spent one summer here, I will never miss Victoria’s summer again! Another thing that I love about Victoria is that people are so kind. One example is that people say “Thank you” to the driver when they get off the bus!
Best advice for new students
Trust your instructors and trust yourself.
Favourite places
To meet friends on campus: ELC Study Centre
To study: UVic Library and the CALL lab
To relax: University Centre and the Student Union Building
Camilla Lindstaedt (Brazil)


"At the ELC everybody helps you and tries to solve your problems (if you have) in the best way possible. There I felt at home and safe. Everybody are very friendly and helpful."
What’s it like living in Victoria?
I had a unique experience in Victoria, I discovered who I am and who I want to be. I changed so much during this programme that when I went to Vancouver, in a big city again, I was counting hours to be back in Victoria. I love every little piece of Victoria and UVic. This travel cannot be better. There, I saw the most beautiful sunset in my life. I want to live there forever.
Best advice for new students
Try to discover something new every single day. Victoria can surprise you and around UVic you have amazing places to go. You’ll live a different life from home and you’ll never forgot. Try to do different things than you are used to, maybe you’ll find new things you like.
Favourite places
• To meet friends on campus: Felicita's Pub or Mystic Market
• To study: UVic Library or the ELC
• To relax: Chapters (Downtown); Beacon Hill Park; Ogden Point (my favourite place on entire world!)
Tomohiro Minami (Japan)


“My exciting program was in two parts, classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. I introduce you some of my memorable things. In my class, I learned how to write and speak English. I could improve my English, especially pronunciation, through these lectures. Therefore, I succeeded in my presentation on final week. As my activity, I attended some conversation clubs with UVic students. The talks with them was very exciting, for example hobbies, majors, and futures. This experience motivated me to study my major, linguistics. One day, I hope to come back UVic as a student.”
What’s it like living in Victoria?
I enjoyed many hockey matches with my host family because their son played it. His play was awesome! Also, I enjoyed lacrosse, movies, and BBQ with them. They are my precious memories. Of course, I hung out downtown with my friends. There are many exciting spots. We enjoyed shopping, eating, and talking. You should gaze at the sea in Inner Harbour. As a marvelous event, I run across a Vietnamese lady coming from my country, Japan. She was kind to guide me to my bus stop. Surprisingly, she also studied in UVic. I wish I could meet her again.
Best advice for new students
Enjoy your small talk in English! In UVic, there are many amusing students. Let’s talk with them.
You can enjoy talking about hobbies, majors, and lives in Victoria. You will meet nice friends.
Favourite places
To meet friends on campus: Student Union Building
To study: UVic Library
To relax: Sam’s Deli, the café in downtown
Luis Fernández (Mexico)


“Studying at the ELC definitely was the best experience so far in my life. The first thing I learned here is that our cultural differences are based only in prejudice because I met a lot of friends with so much in common even though we are from very different countries and cultures.”
What’s it like living in Victoria?
I'm so surprised by the way the people in Victoria live: the laid-back and secure environment I experienced there is just awesome. I was also surprised because Canadians and other foreign students were so interested and showed respect to my culture, so i did the same for them. Definitely my heart still belongs to Victoria.
Best advice for new students
Make a lot of international friends and don't be afraid to show the way you are to them. Your English is not the only thing that will improve, but also your respect and knowledge of other cultures.
Favourite places
To meet friends on campus: Vertigo Café and the Study Centre
To study: CALL lab, UVic Library
To relax: Gonzales beach, Swan Lake and Willows beach
Turki Alanazi (Saudi Arabia)


“I studied at the ELC for more than 17 months, which is a long time! I have never enjoyed studying as I did at UVic. My English skills have significantly improved. At the ELC I learned not only English but how to be responsible about a group of people, how to make decisions and how to manage my time. Thank you ELC at UVic from deep in my heart. I will never forget my time here.”
What’s it like living in Victoria?
There are many features that made me love Victoria, one of them is how people are so friendly and kind. Also, the climate is wonderful especially in the summer. As a photographer I really like the Inner Harbour especially to watch the sunset and take some pictures there. Finally, Victoria has many historical building which took my breath away when I saw them for in the first time.
Best advice for new students
Keep speaking English even with people who can speak your native language! Go out with your friends as much as you can to discover Victoria because it has special places which you'll never find in a different city.
Favourite places
To meet friends on campus: Student Union Building
To study: UVic Library and CALL Lab
To relax: The Inner Harbour, Mount Tolmie and Starbucks
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