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McGill University

Study Abroad at McGill University
Facts and Highlights about McGill University 
It was ranked 1st by the Maclean Magazine in the category of top medical & doctoral universities in Canada (2018)
It was ranked 33nd in the World University Rankings by QS (2019)
It has renowned medical and law schools, and has produced 12 Nobel Prize winners, over 139 Rhodes Scholars, 3 astronauts, 3 Canadian Prime Ministers, 11 judges of the Canadian Supreme Court, 28 Olympic medalists, and 9 Academy Award winners.

Source of image: McGill University
Founded in 1821, McGill University is one of Canadas best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading research-intensive universities in the world. It has an international reputation for excellence and innovation while remaining centered on its 40,000 students.
In 1968, McGill launched the Centre of Continuing Education
the predecessor to the School of Continuing Studies (SCS). Today, SCS has over 12,500 students in fields such as accounting, entrepreneurship, health and social work, marketing, public relations, information technology, language study, translation and more.

Features of Study Abroad Program at McGill University

The McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has an international reputation as a leader in continuing education, and offers students a wide range of certificate and diploma programs in languages and career-related areas.

Students will have the chance not only to improve their English language skills but also to learn about the Canadian and Quebecois culture
Montreal, where the university is based in, has been voted by QS as the Best Students Cities in the World, and ranked 14th out of 140 cities in the 2015 Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Montreal is fully bilingual; French and English is spoken everywhere

Montreal is a short haul from Toronto, New York, Boston and many more interesting destinations

Montreal is a vibrant North-American city with a European touch, particularly in Old Montreal

Source of image: McGill University

Program Dates and Courses
For summer 2019, students can choose either a language course or academic courses, or bothAll students will be mixed with other international students.
English Immersion Summer Program (EISP)
Session 1: July 8-26, 2019
Session 2: August 5-23, 2019

English language Program

September 9 - December 6, 2019(Fall)
Since 1993, McGill University has hosted international students from renowned universities worldwide in its English Immersion Summer Program (EISP).
The EISP is specifically designed for adult students who have some knowledge of English and want to improve their listening comprehension, oral communication and pronunciation. This is a total cultural and linguistic immersion program in which students are in contact with native speakers and practice their English around the clock .
While at McGill, students will participate in socio-cultural learning activities both in the classroom and in the community with native-English speaking monitors. They will attend classes in the morning and participate in language workshops and cultural activities in the afternoon. The program also includes a pronunciation workshop.
Non-credit with transcript Short Programs
Dates: July 29 –August 16, 2019
Students with proved English proficiency (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent) may choose to attend a non-credit short program (3 weeks, 60 contact-hours in total) in one of the following areas:
★Aerospace Engineering
★Business Analytics
★Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Business
★International Business
★International Marketing Using the Internet
★Project Management
★Social Media and Digital Communi cation in Business
Each program normally comprises 2 courses except Aerospace Engineering which includes 3 courses. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a McGill transcript and an Attestation of Completion, i.e. all students are properly assessed and graded as reflected on their McGill transcript.
Entry Requirements

★ Be 18 years old by the program start date
★IBT TOEFL 79 or IELTS 6.5
Students are housed in double occupancy rooms at the evo Old Montreal student residence. This European-like area of town is a short walking distance to the McGill campus. Students will have everything they need in a friendly, stress-free environment. Facilities at the residence hall include a gym, pool, many student lounges, a game room, laundry facilities and theatre room. Take a glimpse at


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