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Overseas Partner Universities

USIEA is proud to be recognized as a leading organization in China for helping Chinese university students explore  study abroad opportunities. Since its foundation in 2010, USIEA has   collaborated closely with the world’s leading universities on a wide variety of  educational exchange programs. USIEA is proud of its reliability, faithfulness, marketing abilities and partner networks in China. We work with highly selective partners to ensure an outstanding study abroad experience for each and every student..


USIEA works closely with the following overseas partner universities:

US Universities

Columbia University

University of Pennsylvania

University of California, Berkeley

New York University

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Boston University

University of California, San Diego

University of California, Davis

The George Washington University

University of California, Riverside

University of California, Irvine

UK universities

University of Cambridge

The London School of Economics and Political Science

King's College London

Canadian universities

University of Toronto

McGill University

University of British Columbia

Queen's University

University of Victoria

University of Waterloo

Australian universities

University of New South Wales

University of Queensland

The University of Adelaide