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Study Abroad Conference/Seminar


Since its founding in 2009, USIEA has been hosting International Education Seminars and Annual Conferences every year. Both seminars and conferences are great platforms where communications and collaborations between universities from China and overseas take place. Through these events, educators from all different countries can share information, exchange views and work together for international education.




A glimpse of USIEA’s Annual Conference in December 2017


On December 1st, 2017, USIEA hosted 2017 Beijing Annual Conference in our beautiful capital city. It was co-hosted by AUSS – the Association of University Summer Sessions. More than 90 teachers from more than 50 universities across China attended the event. In addition to that, representatives from many top universities in the world, such as The University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Berkeley, Boston University, The University of Virginia, Washington University in St. Louis and The George Washington University, also took part. 





Here is what happened at USIEA’s International Education Seminar in May 2018


On May 25th, 2018, USIEA hosted the International Talent Seminar in Chongqing, which was the 14th annual seminar that was initiated by USIEA. More than 100 school leaders and teachers from international business offices and academic affairs offices from 54 universities across China have attended and discussed in depth on the theme. Mr. Liang Sibo, marketing director from British Council, which is one the co-creators of IELTS and partner of USIEA, has shared the very first set of English proficiency assessment standards covering all school years in China – ‘China’s Standards of English Language Ability’. In order to better facilitate the internationalization of higher education and promote further progress of the development of English language in higher education, British Council has also initiated the “IELTS Global Recognition” plan, assisting universities with cultivating more globally competitive talents. Furthermore, teachers from the frontlines of international education have also shared their stories and thoughts on internationalization in their universities.